Spring Collection

A New Season


YAAAASSS, it’s good to be back!

Where to begin?…

There have been so many changes in my life over the last few months, some of which have just confused me, some of which have broken me, and others that elevated my happiness to a whole new level. And I would like to share those experiences with you.

As when I started this blog, much of the process of writing my thoughts down has been a form of therapy, self-encouragement and self-care, and this series will follow that same spirit. There is no goal, or final message. These are just experiences.

These last few months have taught me a great deal and I feel I’ve grown in ways I never could have imagined. And so these next few posts will form of my Spring Collection.

I’ve never particularly had any significance with the weather or changing of seasons, until the seasons in my own life drastically shifted. So I think spring is a wonderfully appropriate theme to orientate this phase of the blog around. You know… growth, new beginnings, pretty things and all that (without sounding too cheesy).

Hopefully I’ll get around to talking about some lifey things like break-ups, losing friends, gaining new ones, therapy (yes, therapy), the oh-so-important self-love, tattoos, and my late 20’s social life (and I mean laaaaaaate 20’s; I turned 29 this year). I dunno, we’ll see where the next few weeks take us.

There’ll also be some fashion and lifestyle blogging, FINALLY. I’ve been flirting with the idea for the longest time but lacked the self-confidence to do it. But dala what you must! There are some snaps right at the bottom of the shoot I did by myself yesterday, so enjoy.

I’m aiming to post weekly (fingers crossed) so keep an eye out for my pretty face and other pretty things over the spring.

See you soon, lovelies!



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