Coloured Mentality

Coloured Mentality: Are Coloured People Racist?

I felt incredibly humbled to be featured in the first instalment of Coloured Mentality‘s second season. I’m especially grateful to this platform for allowing honest, necessary and, sometimes, uncomfortable conversations around race, land and gender politics to occupy space in the social arena.

As posted by the Coloured Mentality team:

“A lot of media attention has been given to the antiblack opinions of certain coloured groups.This is an opportunity for us to reflect on the ways racism exists amongst coloured people, why it exists, why it doesn’t serve us and how we should challenge it.
Our communities are being neglected, we are left to kill each other off and the current socio-economic system robs so many black and coloured people of our basic human rights.
The hate that we perpetuate amongst ourselves only diverts from the greater forces of opression at play. We lash out at each other because it is easier for us to focus on our small differences than to recognise the violent intentions of a system that thrives off disparity.
Our similarities far outweigh our otherness, we are further destroying each other, giving corrupt politicians the fodder they need to turn us into political pawns without having to account for our needs.
And so a necessary step is to take off the blindfold, and be willing to engage in an uncomfortable conversation, that centres our own responsibility in challenging racial prejudices.”

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