Coloured Mentality

Coloured Mentality: Cape Town Raak Wys

I’m so excited to be involved with this amazing project! Check out the teaser for Coloured Mentality‘s upcoming second season.

As posted by the Coloured Mentality team:


For anyone who has had to wait hours for a bus, who has to brave the harrowing commute in and out of the CBD every day this is for you. For anyone who has felt unwelcome in the enclaves of the city’s infinite coffee shops and restaurants this is for you. For those facing eviction, being thrown out of the homes they’ve lived their whole lives to make room for holidaymakers or artisinal whatever the F@ck this is for you. To the racist community forums, Neighbourhood watches, soccer moms, business men and local politicians this is for you. Gentrinaaiers this is for you. To protestors and activists who have been labelled violent or opportunistic for demanding basic dignity this is for you. For our fellow South African and Africans who are made to feel foreign in this city, who are consistently made to feel the colour of their skin in a city that so vehemently rejects blackness this is for you. For anyone who still lives the experience of the Group Areas Act in a city that is the lasting monolith of Apartheid Architecture this is for you. For the housing movements and the many communities who are disrupting, awakening, rising up to demand decent services, to demand basic housing, to protect their rights, to claim their land this is for you.

This season of Coloured Mentality exposes the racist structures that form the foundations of the many struggles we face every day.

A big thank you to Marc Lottering, Jimmy Nevis, Miss Patty Monroe, DJ Ready D, Quanita Adams, Claire Phillips, Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp, Adam Haupt, Jeremy Vearey, Shanice Appels, Simone Cornelius, Chase Rhys, Zoey Black, Lucelle Campbell, Queezy, Alia Isaacs, Kim Lilian Windvogel, Hilton Baartman, Nigel Patel, Faghmeeda Ling, Carla Bernardo, Lester Kiewit, Denisha Anand, Lesley Muller for sharing so generously with us this season.”


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