Day 10: Sunday

Sunday is my favorite day of the week. Monday through Friday mostly consists of work so I donโ€™t do too much else. Friday night is, well, Friday night. Saturday usually involves some form of event or special occasion. And then thereโ€™s Sunday; just chilling on its own, not getting involved completely uninterrupted.

Now, I know many of you do a lot on Sundays, which may include your morning brunch date, church, visiting family, sundowners in town, (or attending that fancy theatre awards ceremony ๐Ÿ˜œ).

But because the majority of my week is pretty much filled up with work, blogging, cooking, cleaning, events, birthdays, whatever, thereโ€™s suddenly very little time to unwind. I donโ€™t mean the let-off-some-steam-at-the-pub-and-get-stupid-drunk unwind (although that can be necessary sometimes). Iโ€™m talking about the take-the-time-to-do-nothing-and-rest unwind.

So much of my time is committed to things that involve other people, and constantly having those considerations or overcommitting yourself can become extremely exhausting. Not taking the space to recover and regain your powers can be destructive to oneโ€™s psychological health. So I think its important to take time. Take time to do things that feed and nurture your person, things that allow you to shrug off those stresses and pressures.

For me, I need to NOT do things. I need to switch off and stop worrying about that awful thing that person said to me earlier in the week, forget the fact that I have deadlines at work on Monday, or simply turn off my overactive sense of responsibility toward everything. Sometimes not dealing is the perfect way to deal. Sometimes I need things (and people) to go away. Just for a short while. Until those powers return and Iโ€™m able to slay once more.

And Sunday is that day for me.

So I try not toย go out. Iโ€™ll opt for listening to the new music in my iTunes, or just lay in front of the TV, catching up on those episodes of Scandal I missed. Or play computer games or Super Mario Bros. Whatever takes my mind away from the daily routine of responsibility.

(Plus, Super Mario Bros. is awesome!)

I say this often, that everyone deals with things in their own way. And I think its important to find ways that work for you and take the time to do them.

So relax, unwind, and take time. At least until Carte Blanche comes on, then you know your weekendโ€™s over and its back to the grind.



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