Day 16: Vampires

Today I had an incredibly positive experience with someone who showed me so much kindness and it just got me thinking about the impact people can have on your life.

For me, being surrounded by people who support and encourage me is so important, not because I’m transgender, but because these are the people who add the magic and wonderful moments to your life. They are amazing!

Then there are those people who just suck all the freakin’ positive vaaibs from your life. Like iyooooooh bra, can you just stop. These people I avoid like the plague. I think with all the crap and pressure I’ve experienced in my life, and in my day to day, it’s honestly not worth being prey to their vampire ways. So, bye.

I must apologize to vampires for the speciesist metaphor. They are beautiful creatures and deserved to be respected and loved, just like everyone else. (The Vampire Diaries had it’s series finale last week so I’m a little sad about that. Also, I’m watching it from the beginning again. Don’t judge.)

Love to all of you who have been supportive of this blog and of me, you are giving me so much life and powers. Dankie, dankie, dankie.

I know this post is similar to DAY 9: HUMANS but you know sometimes the hormones just take control and my emotions get the better of me and I have to show love and appreciation.

And I think that’s a good thing.



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