Day 20: Script

A quick lesson in humility.

So, yesterday I was at Groote Schuur Hospital for my repeat script for HRT. I’m there every two months to pick up my medication but, somehow, things never go to plan at the hospital.

I don’t want to go into the agonizing details of the experience, so I’m cutting a very long story short. After sitting in line for a few hours, watching the seasons roll by and waiting for Frodo to deliver the ring to Mordor, the pharmacy ended up screwing up my prescription and I had to wait to see the Endocrinologist to fix the problem. I pretty much ended up being there from 7am until 4pm.

Now, I recognize that the public healthcare system is not the most well oiled machine, I recognize that they’re short staffed and underfunded, I recognized that me waiting in line for meds isn’t the highest of priorities, that I’m in a position of extraordinary privilege to be waiting around all day without any major ramifications to my life, that I’m able to access HRT and gender affirming services…

Aaaaaand I’ve just talked myself out of complaining.

Since going on estrogen, I’m finding myself getting caught up in the emotional charge of the moment. Not that this is in any way a bad thing. In fact, I find it wonderful that I’m able to feel that intensely. I’m still finding ways of managing that.

And not making myself the centre of the universe. Sometimes.

The end.



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