Day 9: Humans

My circle of friends is small. We’re a little community of weird, wonderful and down right awesome human beings. I don’t see them everyday, but on those occasions we manage to get our adulting self out of the capitalist machine, it’s a party! And you can expect a generous flow of engaging conversation (and a generous flow of good wine).

Making new friends has always been difficult for me. Growing up, I was often teased and bullied at school which impacted my perception of people in general quite negatively. I became so hyper-aware of people I was around and stopped sharing personal things about myself. I also shied away from social and family gatherings and parties. Because humans suck.

Later, I went on to study Theatre and Performance at UCT. This was a turning point for me in my life. There was something about performance and acting that brought out a fearless confidence I had never experienced before, and I fell deeply in love with the art. Acting really helped me understand and overcome a lot of the issues I experienced growing up. And so I’m forever grateful to those monumental four years of my life.

(the irony of failing all my academic writing courses and then years later writing a blog everyday, LOL)

It was also there where I met and became friends with some of the most wonderful people. Their fierce drive for the craft and unrelenting compassion toward understanding people still inspires me to this day. Sending so much love to you, Drama School friends!

I find it difficult to meet people who are accepting and tolerant, not necessarily of myself, but of people and things that are other to them. I acknowledge that everyone has their prejudices (lord knows I have mine) but when you’re just okay with having those prejudices and have no willingness to understand things that don’t fall within the frame of what you consider to be normative, then I can’t spend time with you. That behavior or state of being upsets me to say the least. And being around toxic people is so destructive to my mental health, even more so now living openly as a transgender woman. So, I’m very picky about who I spend my time with.

Chances are, if you’re reading/following this blog, you’re not one of those people, because being open to reading about experiences like mine is, in and of itself, an act of positivity. So I’d like to say thank you.

Today I’m off to celebrate one of my oldest and closest friend’s birthday. So there will be plenty of fabulous humans and fabulous conversation (and wine, of course).

For me, acknowledging and celebrating little moments like these are so important. They remind me that I’m blessed to be supported by the people in my life and that I too can be supportive of them, that sharing things and being vulnerable is a privilege, and that taking time to appreciate one another is a wonderful way to celebrate a life.



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