Day 7: Stories

#30DaysOfSelfCare Today marks a week since I started this series. So much has happened and there are a couple of things I need to talk about. Firstly, the response so far has been a overwhelming! I received so many messages of encouragement and support for these posts, so I feel I do need to take

Day 6: Facial

#30DaysOfSelfCare When I presented as a boy, it was cool having that light layer of stubble on my chin or growing the occasional hipster beard. Now, my facial hair is the number one cause of my anxiety and dysphoria. And it’s difficult to talk about. I think back to those years when I would grow that

Day 5: Viral

#30DaysOfSelfCare For most of my life I had always felt a slight discomfort in my body and my gender. The discomfort wasn’t problematic in a sense, I most likely developed coping mechanisms to either ignore, bury, or just be okay with it. That seed of dysphoria manifested in very subtle ways in my life. I

Day 4: Grumpy

#30DaysOfSelfCare There are few things more toxic to my wellbeing than having no motivation or desire to experience, do or achieve. And for about a year I had become a tired, worn out and generally unpleasant person. I’d started spending my weekends on the couch watching mindless tv, not wanting to go out or see

Day 3: Double

#30DaysOfSelfCare It’s a funny thing, this “coming out”. Somehow there’s this idea that it’s this singular defining moment when you declare your identity to the world — red carpets roll out, the heavenly choirs rejoice, and the world just knows and accepts. LOL. Wouldn’t that be nice? Instead, I’ve found that I’m constantly “coming out”

Day 2: Closet

#30DaysOfSelfCare I’m not sure when it happened, but as far as I can remember, I had always been in love with women’s clothing. The designs. The colors. The options. My god, the OPTIONS! Heels, dresses, lingerie… I want them all! There is something incredibly empowering when your put on that top that fits so right,

Day 1: Out

#30DaysOfSelfCare While I haven’t entirely disappeared from the social space, it’s been a really a long time since I’ve voiced or posted anything personal in public. So, here I go… Living openly as a transgender woman has been a proper rollercoaster ride so far, with super highs and uber lows. With the support of my