It’s been a proper minute since my last blog post. And to kick things off again, I thought an appreciation post was in order.

When I started the #30DaysOfSelfCare series, so many of you had reached out with words of encouragement and support. I was so humbled. Then there was one super someone who had done something completely unexpected.

Just after I graduated UCT drama school, a must for every performer is to have good headshots taken for your portfolio. I had mine taken by Susan Rabe, a professional photographer who works in the industry. She did some really great work and those shots landed me a whole bunch of film and theatre work, including a Hollywood blockbuster. Fo’ reals.

Here’s some of the shots from back then. My unibrow game was strong…

In the first week of launching this blog, Susan rang me up with the following message:

I am following your posts with great interest. I would like to offer you new headshots, for free, to match you fabulous new self

Can we just have a moment for the awesomeness that is Susan!

I think I may have said “Thank you” 4 or 5 times in the ensuing conversation, because I was truly thankful, and grateful for that kindness.

Seriously though. This is truly a remarkable thing. I often find myself being pessimistic about the way people engage me (this is unfortunately based on my personal experience) and I’m extra cautious after coming out publicly as trans. But then someone does something like this, for me, out of sheer kindness and selflessness. It melts me.

Headshots aren’t cheap. And if an artist takes time to offer you their skills at no charge, that is something to be valued and appreciated.

I’d been meaning to get new headshots done for the longest time, so the timing was impeccable. Here are some of the pics she took…


So, let me say again, with as much humility as I can muster…

Thank you, Susan.



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