Day 20: Script

#30DaysOfSelfCare A quick lesson in humility. So, yesterday I was at Groote Schuur Hospital for my repeat script for HRT. I’m there every two months to pick up my medication but, somehow, things never go to plan at the hospital. I don’t want to go into the agonizing details of the experience, so I’m cutting a

Day 19: Wish

#30DaysOfSelfCare Sharing these bits of my life and experiences with you has been amazingly liberating so far. I’m also enjoying the pressure of engaging in a number of creative processes everyday. Today’s been a pretty emotional day so this is going to be a relatively short post. And I thought I’d just share a quick

Day 18: Stage

#30DaysOfSelfCare Today is World Theatre Day and I thought I do a little post on the massive impact this beautiful art form has had on my life. A quick history… World Theatre Day started in 1961 and is run by the The International Theatre Institute (ITI). The intension was to promote a culture of theatre

Day 17: Wine

#30DaysOfSelfCare It’s Sunday again. And time for a another day to unwind, relax, and shake off those weekday worries. I previously spoke about how I feel about Sundays and how that ties into concepts of self-care, and you can read more about it at DAY 10: SUNDAY. Today, I’m kicking back with a bottle of wine and

Day 16: Vampires

#30DaysOfSelfCare Today I had an incredibly positive experience with someone who showed me so much kindness and it just got me thinking about the impact people can have on your life. For me, being surrounded by people who support and encourage me is so important, not because I’m transgender, but because these are the people