Zo: Unplugged

#SpringCollection Over this last year, so many things have happened, to me. They were difficult. But there were also so many moments of joy and bliss. I’ve flowered myself into a better, more confident, healthier, happier Zoey. So here’s a quick summary of triggering events over the last while… Since writing the #30DaysofSelfCare series in

Day 24: Breathe

#30DaysOfSelfCare In dealing with stuff, there are these little spaces, moments of solace during the thick of depression and feels, that can be a saving grace. This morning is such a moment. I’ve really been struggling with this thing (I’m not quite ready to name it yet) and it’s made me an emotional wreck this

Day 4: Grumpy

#30DaysOfSelfCare There are few things more toxic to my wellbeing than having no motivation or desire to experience, do or achieve. And for about a year I had become a tired, worn out and generally unpleasant person. I’d started spending my weekends on the couch watching mindless tv, not wanting to go out or see