Day 25: Haul

#30DaysOfSelfCare It’s Monday, it’s grey outside, I didn’t sleep properly, I have work piling up, and it’s not like I’m a ray of emotional sunshine either. So this is not such a great start to the week. Fortunately, retail therapy is here to save the day! With all that doom and gloom shadowing my mood,

Day 8: Shop

#30DaysOfSelfCare Wake up. Pee. Shower. Shave. Brush teeth. Moisturize. Do hair. Get dressed. Mentally prepare. Drink coffee. Eat breakfast (sometimes). Check notifications. Mentally prepare. Grab bag. Start car. Drive car. Mentally prepare. Park. Get out. Walk to store. See humans. Get to store. Freeze. Quietly panic. … This little montage plays itself out over and