Zo: Unplugged

#SpringCollection Over this last year, so many things have happened, to me. They were difficult. But there were also so many moments of joy and bliss. I’ve flowered myself into a better, more confident, healthier, happier Zoey. So here’s a quick summary of triggering events over the last while… Since writing the #30DaysofSelfCare series in

Day 21: Tomorrow

#30DaysOfSelfCare Goodbyes are difficult and I often struggle to say how I feel to the person in person, because too many feels. So I’m going to try here. I’m honestly sometimes a terrible human being because I so rarely tell people just how much they matter to me and how much I appreciate them. Not

Day 9: Humans

#30DaysOfSelfCare My circle of friends is small. We’re a little community of weird, wonderful and down right awesome human beings. I don’t see them everyday, but on those occasions we manage to get our adulting self out of the capitalist machine, it’s a party! And you can expect a generous flow of engaging conversation (and

Day 8: Shop

#30DaysOfSelfCare Wake up. Pee. Shower. Shave. Brush teeth. Moisturize. Do hair. Get dressed. Mentally prepare. Drink coffee. Eat breakfast (sometimes). Check notifications. Mentally prepare. Grab bag. Start car. Drive car. Mentally prepare. Park. Get out. Walk to store. See humans. Get to store. Freeze. Quietly panic. … This little montage plays itself out over and

Day 7: Stories

#30DaysOfSelfCare Today marks a week since I started this series. So much has happened and there are a couple of things I need to talk about. Firstly, the response so far has been a overwhelming! I received so many messages of encouragement and support for these posts, so I feel I do need to take