Day 26: Fourteen

CW: SEXUAL VIOLENCE #30DaysOfSelfCare In my life I have done what I thought was best for me, with the knowledge and skills I had at the time. I made choices. And sometimes choices were made for me. And I want to briefly talk about something that happened to me while growing up. Throughout my life,

Day 2: Closet

#30DaysOfSelfCare I’m not sure when it happened, but as far as I can remember, I had always been in love with women’s clothing. The designs. The colors. The options. My god, the OPTIONS! Heels, dresses, lingerie… I want them all! There is something incredibly empowering when your put on that top that fits so right,

Day 1: Out

#30DaysOfSelfCare While I haven’t entirely disappeared from the social space, it’s been a really a long time since I’ve voiced or posted anything personal in public. So, here I go… Living openly as a transgender woman has been a proper rollercoaster ride so far, with super highs and uber lows. With the support of my