4pm at The Piano Bar

4pm at The Piano Bar


Itโ€™s Friday, and Iโ€™ve been spending the last few days writing and playing with my new camera lens I bought in the week (very exciting). I havenโ€™t been out in a while because new toys just need all the attention. So Iโ€™m feeling need to be social, do things, go out, see people, change my setting. Itโ€™s Friday, and I have powers.

At lunchtime, I text my friends to check the afterwork/evening drinks/things.

3 hours laterโ€ฆ

(they donโ€™t reply)

I have a moment (or 3 hours worth) of annoyance before I decide, screw it, Iโ€™m gonna head out by myself and have a fabulous time. Maybe Iโ€™ll have a good olโ€™ student night and pub hop through Long Street. Maybe Iโ€™ll just get something to eat at a nice little restaurant and wait out the horrible Cape Town peak hour traffic. Who knows. Itโ€™s Friday.

I do my quick googles of good wine bars in the CBD and The Piano Bar pops up on my list with a 4.3 star rating. Now Iโ€™ve been recommended this place by a number of friends but never actually went (because they donโ€™t respond to my I-have-Friday-powers-and-want-to-see-you messages).

I end work an hour early and use the time to do my makeup and get myself looking all fly, because you gotta look bomb when going out in public.

(cue all my trans- and body-image issues)

Itโ€™s 4pm. I make my way there but park quite a distance away. Because town. On the walk up, Iโ€™m taking pics at every turn like Iโ€™m a tourist visiting the motherland, because new camera lens.

Eventually I arrive, and The Piano Bar is this beautiful little corner cafe/bar/restaurant/chill spot in De Waterkant. This place is sooooo pretty.

I walk up the little steps and the staff greet me with this uber-friendly, welcome-to-our-space, enjoy-yourself demeanor. I ask for the smoking section (because addict) and journey through an all-black New York-jazz-inspired interior, like walking onto a little black-box theatre stage, and out on to a lovely wrap-around balcony with half-moon concrete tables.

I am captured.

Needless to say, my camera is out in 2 seconds and Iโ€™m taking all the pictures. From outside, there is a beautiful little view of Devilโ€™s Peak and a gorgeous black Kawai piano basking in the dark corner stage inside the cafe. Itโ€™s so damn pretty. I mean, black. Come on.

They also have a secluded upstairs little courtyard if youโ€™re feeling a little private and outdoorsy. As well as SkyBar at the very top of the building, which has itโ€™s own cocktail bar, the cutest little splash pool, and beautiful views of the mountain and city. Summer sundowners, definitely!

They have daily live performances in the evening which adds a little magic to your time there. Daily 2-for-1 specials from 4pm to 6pm on wine, beers, cocktails, and their tapas menu. I had wine, obvs, and their falafel balls which were all kinds of tasty.

Now, this is not a paid review, but I had a proper good time there. Itโ€™s one of those places that make you feel like youโ€™re included, comfortable, and can do whatever. I literally wrote this entire post at the cafe. Also, black is my thing. Love!

This is not the first time Iโ€™ve had an experience like this. Often I find myself wanting to go out but no one wants to go out with me (cue moment of self-pity; kidding, they donโ€™t know what theyโ€™re missing). But then I decide to go out on my own and I end up having the most amazing time and finding the most amazing places. The Piano Bar is one of them. And Iโ€™ll very likely be making another visit to indulge in some of their cocktails and platters.

There are so many gems in the city and surrounds that I would like to explore, so thereโ€™ll probably be a number of these kind of post about good places and spaces.

I hope everyone had as much of a beautiful Friday as I had, friend-rejection and all.

The Piano Bar is at The Grey Hotel in De Waterkant, and you can check out their website for more info or find them at their socials on Facebook and Instagram.




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